Monday, June 11, 2018

1. "Ramai yang sangsi dengan apa yang Allah dah tetap/tentukan. Sebab tu masih ramai tak mau tutup aurat." ...bila dengar ni, teringat kenyataan dengar di YouTube (tak silap sesi bicara terbuka di Hyde Park, London) bahawa takde maknanya nak 'justify' pada yang bukan pengikut agama ini yakni untuk menurut sepertimana yang mereka  nak dengar. The scripture is the greatest as it is. Tak faham hebatnya, pegi belek baca dengan hati terbuka minta dipandu, Allah sendiri akan campakkan hidayah dan taufiq ke dalam hati yang Dia pilih. Bukan sebab kita berjaya berikan justification pada setiap pertanyaan. Tunduk makhluk pada Allah Pencipta Maha Hebat. Abihnya dah macamana nak pi minta kat Pencipta untuk ubah penyampaian Quran ni  sebab ada sebahagian makhluk (yang dicipta ini!) masih belum adjust frequency kpd tahap  yang betul. Sebab tu ayat² Quran sendiri menyaran: fikirlah, perhatilah. A.Deedat juga pesan pasal ni, apsal nak kena jaga hati makhluk sampai tak takut hilang redhanya Pencipta? Siapa makhluk yang kita cuba 'jaga' ni sampai sanggup kita diamkan hak tak mau sakitkan hatinya kerana menyindir agama  da kepercayaan mereka (?). When it is the truth, kena nyatakan walaupun pedas.

2. "Agama ini perlu mujahadah. Malu betul, sujud pun.tak banyak mana, terus 'PAKSA' Allah bagi apa yang diminta, nak jadi kaya, hebat dan capai cita-cita." ..baru ni pun dengar teguran Nouman Ali Khan, pasal ramai yang doa mintak sedebuk (nak magis aje!). Walhal the kind of du'aa setiap kita kena mohon ialah mohon ampun  dan maaf (the greatest gift ever bila diampunkan!) dan mohon diubah diri, sikap  perjalanan hidup kita. Doing the same thing and expect different results, crazy! Bukan hasil yang dinilai, tapi the journey untuk dapatkan hasil tu yang dipandang. Kalau takde usaha, masakan akan dapat weh!

3. "Ramai di kalangan umat ni dibuai mimpi (dan angan²) dunia. Nak berkorban masa 3 hari untuk agama ni pun tak sempat, inikan nanti bila dituntut berkorban nyawa (bila memikirkan akhiruzzaman yang dah makin dekat)."

4. "Ikut Allah dan Rasul dan para sahabat; 'bukan' ikut ulamak. Zaman sekarang ni, ulamak pun konfius. Hence point no 1, pening lagi memeningkan." Bab ni tengok je la how polarized pendapat umat sekarang. Using scare tactics, judging the level of other Muslims out in the open (walhal kita memang tokleh nilai hok dalam hati tu), petah lantang bercakap not giving any care the words akan memecahbelahkan dan 'melukakan'. Mana dia Muslim itu ialah 'man salima min lisaanih wa yadih'? Mana dia 'falyaqul khayr aw liyasmut'? #muhasabahdiri

5. "Malaikat catat pahala semuanya tak kira kualiti amalan.  Dinyatakan amalan pada malam qadr itu diganjar umpama 83 tahun lamanya. Tapi selesainya malam itu,  kembali  normal juga (sekali lagi, tiada magika selepasnya!). Hakikatnya: Kembali  kepada  Allah nanti baru dinilai gunungan pahala itu berbaloi  tidak. Allah akan maklumkan, bangkrap juga amalan hebatmu kerna amalan lain yang merugikan." ...buatkan teringat: Inginkah  kalian ditunjukkan perniagaan yang menguntungkan? #berurusniagadenganAllah #whatdoyouhavetoexchange #tamaubankrapakhirat

-- mafhum kata2 dipetik dari perkongsian seorang kapten (pilot kot?) masa sesi taklim malam tadi. Refleksi sebagai #ketukdirisendiri dan #notetoself

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Leaving is easier than to start something new

I am having mixed feelings these days because on one hand I have this opportunity to pursue as a full-timer being a consultant to anyone who likes to diversify their investment portfolios into unit trust investment. On the other hand, I have been invited by a friend of mind to join him in a big project where it will be able to generate millions in shorter amount of time. I know the second option has a bigger risk and will require me to put commitment and greater amount of time to see the results.
This situation always reminds me of the "prediction" for the challenge faced by those with numerology number 3 which is in order to be rich and successful, the key is to stay focused. I don't think I am having difficulty to focus, but it is a matter of priority. Therefore, I am now telling myself, what I need to do is to arrange my schedule properly. At the same time, I need to make sure I have enough time to service my clients. I believe in having the right mindset in financial management, while I seek the chance to keep improving myself as an entrepreneur.

As long as I know what my dreams are, chasing after my big Ys, I don't see any problem at all. What I face today would be seen as a stepping stone to a greater height and to a better me. I do think this is necessary to make me realize, again and again, that the world does not work in a straight line (as we typically wish or expect).

So, here is to a new adventure and the journey starts now.

My dad and my buddy both reminded me that the key is to have faith in Allah, and nothing will stop us or pull us down. Once the belief system is fixed, the only thing to think about is just to keep pushing and attempting day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second. Bismillahi ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Why do we let them?

I seriously cannot fathom the fact that we learned but we did not practice, which I am telling this hard to myself. The fact that I allow people shout to my face is okay, but the worst part when I try to hit back to them. When I react, that basically means I failed to keep myself composed. Still, as a normal human, I do have emotion, not all the time I can take the hit. The only question, can others take it when I hit'em back, which I doubt they can handle me like I have to accept handling them. When we drive, we see other drivers not following the traffic signs, to a certain extent we are being influenced by their misbehave; When we are in a queue, simply we see many would suddenly cut the line going in front of us, but when we do the same do we have the same question in mind? When we go to ATM, the slips are everywhere despite being too close to the rubbish bin, do we even think of picking 'em up and place inside the bin? When we attend meeting, you realise that you are ignorant on certain concept, but do you keep quiet or ask questions to clarify? Worse when you see not just your colleagues, but your ignorant superiors ask stupid questions, pretending that they know what they are saying, so how do we react then? Educate them or slap in their face saying "you must be damn stupid refusing to learn, only know how to give/reject work assignments!" When I hate seeing people refusing to use their brains, I gotta to say that first to myself. Am I using my brain when reacting to these brainless people? If I don't, I am not better, perhaps I could be worse when I react with emotion. ____________________________ The world you live is the same like a jungle, everyday you deal with manimals (i.e. not man with kinds). Either you survive with sanity, or you get drown in their stupidity. I have been asking, how to bring about changes?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Picking up the slack

I have to say after the treatment the pain almost gone, out of the window, i hope permenantly when i read about the treatment it will take away the pain roughly about 6 months to a year. Got to be prepared for any possibility.

I have to say meeting more people really opens up my perspective. From struggle to motivation, all can be broadened and shared. I am enjoying more people these days. I believe the world can become better when we spend more time trying to understand about each other better.

Keeping faith for my unknown future

Friday, November 18, 2016

This pain is real. I had gone through a period of suffering before deciding to undergo a minor surgery to treat my back pain. Fortunately, I was discharged from the hospital around mid-day today, after 3 nights at the hospital.

I am aiming to recover and live a healthier life. I need to face and fight myself firmly. I need to focus on what will be better for my future.

This can be tough for now because my dear wife is currently in Cambodia, out there for business trip. I wish her the very best, but sadly I think my recovery will take weeks. I will probably have to rely on her until end of this year, hoping my recovery can be fast.

Signing off for today. Tomorrow will be a better day. In sha Allah.

Praying for a better Malaysia!!