Saturday, July 22, 2017

Why to we let them?

I seriously cannot fathom the fact that we learned but we did not practice, which I am telling this hard to myself. The fact that I allow people shout to my face is okay, but the worst part when I try to hit back to them. When I react, that basically means I failed to keep myself composed. Still, as a normal human, I do have emotion, not all the time I can take the hit. The only question, can others take it when I hit'em back, which I doubt they can handle me like I have to accept handling them. When we drive, we see other drivers not following the traffic signs, to a certain extent we are being influenced by their misbehave; When we are in a queue, simply we see many would suddenly cut the line going in front of us, but when we do the same do we have the same question in mind? When we go to ATM, the slips are everywhere despite being too close to the rubbish bin, do we even think of picking 'em up and place inside the bin? When we attend meeting, you realise that you are ignorant on certain concept, but do you keep quiet or ask questions to clarify? Worse when you see not just your colleagues, but your ignorant superiors ask stupid questions, pretending that they know what they are saying, so how do we react then? Educate them or slap in their face saying "you must be damn stupid refusing to learn, only know how to give/reject work assignments!" When I hate seeing people refusing to use their brains, I gotta to say that first to myself. Am I using my brain when reacting to these brainless people? If I don't, I am not better, perhaps I could be worse when I react with emotion. ____________________________ The world you live is the same like a jungle, everyday you deal with manimals (i.e. not man with kinds). Either you survive with sanity, or you get drown in their stupidity. I have been asking, how to bring about changes?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Picking up the slack

I have to say after the treatment the pain almost gone, out of the window, i hope permenantly when i read about the treatment it will take away the pain roughly about 6 months to a year. Got to be prepared for any possibility.

I have to say meeting more people really opens up my perspective. From struggle to motivation, all can be broadened and shared. I am enjoying more people these days. I believe the world can become better when we spend more time trying to understand about each other better.

Keeping faith for my unknown future

Friday, November 18, 2016

This pain is real. I had gone through a period of suffering before deciding to undergo a minor surgery to treat my back pain. Fortunately, I was discharged from the hospital around mid-day today, after 3 nights at the hospital.

I am aiming to recover and live a healthier life. I need to face and fight myself firmly. I need to focus on what will be better for my future.

This can be tough for now because my dear wife is currently in Cambodia, out there for business trip. I wish her the very best, but sadly I think my recovery will take weeks. I will probably have to rely on her until end of this year, hoping my recovery can be fast.

Signing off for today. Tomorrow will be a better day. In sha Allah.

Praying for a better Malaysia!!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Parents are the ones getting anxious on first day of school... what a pity

The first day of school makes parents more anxious than their kids. Scene 1: Parents/family members actually created lots of noises at the hallway, chitchatting heavily while teachers were trying their best to manage the assembly inside the hall. The instruction became too soft, fighting with the noise outside the hall. Scene 2: At the canteen, while I was so happy to see my daughter managed to buy her own drink and food, I was left furious finding it hard to get seat for my daughter. Many parents actually sat at the canteen with their kids leaving my daughter and many other students with no space to eat. The worst case was, a mother combed her son's hair at the canteen while the boy was busy having his meal. What a scene! I think we should resend these parents to school. Let them learn good manners and civilized behavior. They should be setting best examples for their young ones. I do say this which include me and my wife because I have not done my part to give back and organize the parents. Well, I have to say I am not even active at the school PTA, so I am giving excuse here while I should have done better. I always think the reason why we failed to "evolve" because we show our kids that things will remain as they are, while there are so many opportunities to reform and adopt better system. During the registration, the fee collection and issuance of receipt are still based on manual system, having teachers to write student names, items paid for, and the receipt number. A better way of doing this is just by going to the system, print out the whole list of students, and then assign each student with student ID. A shorter ID will make things easier, these days student names are too long. I even spotted the PIC printed my name wrongly, instead of Muizz, he "assumed" to be Aziz. Aiming to be efficient does not mean you should simply "assume" as you can easily check the list properly. At least, if you write my daughter's name with an assiged ID as Student 6 of Group 5, I am good enough. As long as there is proof of payment, hence the registration should be considered as completed. Same goes with the assembly during the first day of school today, the unique student ID shall allow all students to go to their respective classrooms and then sit the designated tables/desks. They can then leave their bags at the classroom before attending the assembly at the hall. But rather, the day started with all students (and noisy parents!) gathered at the hall, and names were called twice, before the students were asked to stand in lines according to their respective classrooms, and then at the classroom their names are mentioned again before they are allowed to sit. All the process took more than 2 hours. I can understand the first assembly can be crucial because it is the first time ever students were exposed to the school. But, I think by sending all students to their classrooms first can allow some parents to leave and let the day handle by the teachers. I think a "ceremony" can even be done indirectly as some parents wanting to speak to the homeroom teacher personally: "Please look after my kids as if they are yours." After the handover, let the teacher decide how the whole day will go for the students. Some parents who are sending their first ones to school are usually taking the limelight, not knowing the process and blindly sending their kids to the hall. Perhaps at the entrance gate, parents can collect small flier "what to expect for today" or "the step by step guide for parents & students." _______________________________ We failed to marry information & technology, the result is inefficiency. This is the main reason why we are still far far away from the "developed" land.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I realise

I realise how I have been keeping myself in a hideout
I have been in a cocoon for too long
When a caterpiller emerges out from a cocoon, it will become a beautiful butterfly
I once told myself it is cool to be at the back, no one sees you and no ones knows you exist
I started question this decision a couple years back when I realise things are not the same as it used to be
I am heading to a different world
I cannot stay the same
I have to go out there
I have to give back to the people of this beautiful nation, if not to the nation as a whole
I met two interesting individuals today
One said you go to go out there man
Another said, you have it, you have the voice, I know to read people so I can read you well, you just need to do it
Both said you gonna find the starting point that will change you, I quote one of them said: "you have to do your own gif"
I never really give a thought about this, although I did consider doing it, so the question is "would I" but rather "when will I"
I gotta start somewhere, do it now and don't let thinking too much blocking my way
Will this be a new journey? Time to open another door
Time to explore the real world in a different perspective

There so many things in my mind, guess it is time to enjoy doing I enjoyed doing a decade ago: sharing my thoughts..MORE!! Shall I??